Taking a Private Jet on an economy ticket

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to arrive at the airport with an economy ticket in hand for a multi-leg, long haul commercial flight, only to be told that you have been upgraded to a direct flight on a Private Jet?


Upgrading to F-I-X is the network equivalent of this fanciful circumstance. F-I-X is underpinned by our Cloud Native Cloud Powered Connectivity solution, which leverages large, high-quality, global hyperscale networks. Cloud Powered Connectivity allows for direct transit at speed, removing physical and technical limitations associated with multi-hop legacy networks that are restricted to inefficient, inflexible, higher latency routing configurations.


Cloud Powered Connectivity provides a powerful network solution that enables us to offer F-I-X at very competitive rates, while still satisfying our guiding principles of Next Generation, Cloud Native and an Interoperable & Decoupled offering built for the Trading Community.