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F-I-X Engine

Optimize your FIX Capability and capitalize on opportunities.

Switching to F-I-X Engine places a solution in your hands that's built on a software stack suitable for the technology demands of today. With a commercial model that minimizes waste and scales with your business, your FIX Capability is never compromised by inflexible terms and vendor lock-in that takes away your power to fully capitalize on opportunities.

Your Trading Community

When you and your customers value each other’s business more than the services provided by intermediaries, it makes sense to build your own Trading Community. Customer relationships can be deepened and recovering value lost to intermediaries can bring numerous advantages and benefits to you and your customers. There are Trading Community solutions available for Capital Market Players and Vendors to achieve this quickly and efficiently. The power is with you, build it strong. It's your Trading Community.

Cloud First but No Compromises

Technology in the Capital Markets Industry is evolving and Cloud is taking hold. By taking a Cloud First approach many of our solutions profit from the Cloud's speed, agility and cost benefits that we are able to pass on to our customers. 


Coupling Cloud with traditional Edge and On-prem Technologies equals No Compromises for our customers, our full integration between these technologies is the base of our Hybrid Cloud, eliminating wastage and ensuring that speed, agility and cost is optimized as much as possible.

LCNC & Traditional Development

Empowering non-technical business users and citizen developers to build on our technology to best fit their business is a key guiding principal of ours.


We achieve this through a Low-code/No-code (LCNC) approach which we incorporate into our products & services wherever feasible and beneficial. For cases when added complexity is required, our APIs provide the extra flexibility needed to satisfy the requirements of running custom code demanded by Traditional Development teams.  

Why B2B SaaS?

B2B SaaS has not only become a viable option for Capital Markets players, it has become an essential choice for those firms looking to gain advantage over their competitors. Whether improving Client Onboarding, decreasing time-to-market or extending the capabilities of your technology, B2B SaaS transfers control to you, turning large projects into choices and choices into immediate high-value outcomes. .


Empowering Trading Communities


In addition to its SaaS solutions and managed services, CMT offers onboarding and certification services, professional services, testing and testing automation services on a global scale.

CMT’s staff has vast experience with working with some of the world’s largest Financial Services Organizations in this regard.

If you would like to learn more about how CMT can help your business and its projects please contact us:


Technology in the Capital Markets industry is in a transitional phase. Hyperscale technologies are disrupting global industries, challenging the efficiency, agility and scalability of deployed systems throughout the entire technology stack. Taking advantage is not easy, a set of solutions is needed that can enable interoperability with this disruptive, growing technical landscape, without uprooting what is being relied upon today.


Introducing F-I-X, a secure platform designed and built for the Trading Community. Primed for disruption, the platform offers its users instant Cloud presence and access to a broad range of value creating Cloud Enabled Business Solutions provided by CapitalMarkets.Technology and its strategic partners.

CM.T is on a mission to disrupt the technology value chain for buy- to sell-side trade flow across all major asset classes. At the core of CM.T’s offering is F-I-X, an Institutional, B2B SaaS connectivity platform empowering trading communities through innovative services and a hybrid cloud technology base.


F-I-X is underpinned by CM.T’s strong enterprise grade, low-code/no-code FIX technology. It supports a significant number of value adding Apps in buy- to sell-side order flow related areas such as Client Connectivity, Message Routing, Low-touch Technology, Hi-touch Applications and Venue Connectivity. For Inter-operation & intelligence, further Apps can be paired for Real-time Data Analytics, Dashboards, powerful REST APIs and enterprise grade BI capabilities. Trade Compliance and Trade Surveillance solutions complete the offering, while in-house built and 3rd Party vended applications are optionally supported.


F-I-X is a B2B SaaS cloud and connectivity platform delivered through eight distinct SaaS offerings, tailored to key segments in the Capital Markets Industry. These key segments include Buy-sides and their Vendors, Sell-sides and their Vendors, as well as Exchanges and Regulators. With F-I-X comes choice, Public or White Labelled, Order Routing Clouds connect Buy-sides with Sell-sides across the globe. F-I-X flexibility allows for services to be bundled together, taking full advantage of the extensive financial cloud that has been designed and built-out to provide; a) The Sell-side access and quality order flow from a high number of Buy-side networks and b) The Buy-side access to the top brokers on a global scale.

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