Gateway to the Cloud

Global Cloud PoPs are highly available localized gateways. Widely spread around the world, they provide access to the F-I-X platform and can be accessed though a number of flexible, high quality Connectivity Modules and Managed VPNs.


Global Cloud PoPs offer true global presence and reach. This greatly simplifies connectivity with counterparties, bringing them closer to your business. For example, with Global Cloud PoPs there is no need to invest time and money in building your own co-located infrastructure to promote your brand in a new region or gain point-of-presence on the other side of the globe. Global Cloud PoPs provide this out of the box and significantly speeds up Time-to-Market to receive order flow or trade with a new counterparty, greatly strengthening the relationship and trust between businesses and trading partners.


A single connection to any of our Global Cloud PoPs is all that is required to start benefiting from the many value creating Cloud enabled Business Solutions offered on the F-I-X Cloud Platform.