Revolutions are occurring and Hybrid is the key

In the competitive automotive industry there is a great pressure to significantly reduce carbon emissions by the end of the decade.


Not too dissimilar, is the revolution occurring in the Capital Markets. As more global Exchanges and Tier 1 financial organizations disclose their digital strategy plans for the coming years, there remains little doubt that the future of Capital Markets platforms is Cloud Native. Having a strong Cloud presence will be critical to all industry participants.


As infrastructure is being rolled out to support electric vehicles, there has been a need for a transitional technology in the form of Hybrid. A similar dynamic exists in the Capital Markets Cloud revolution. Transformation takes time and is not without risk, so during the transition we need a Hybrid solution that ensures organizations are Cloud enabled but business continuity remains unaffected.


For this reason, we chose to design and build F-I-X on Hybrid technologies. This means that during the transition period we can fully support both existing infrastructure and Cloud Native technologies simultaneously.


With F-I-X, our customers gain instant Cloud presence but without the inherent risk of large, complex and expensive Cloud migration projects.