Managed Cloud & Security is core to F-I-X. Our expert experience with industry requirements has helped us to design, build and manage a comprehensive set of Cloud based services. This experience means we make security a high priority, we understand why it is important. Cloud security has come under scrutiny over the past years and to an extent hindered its wide-spread adoption in the Capital Markets Industry. Hyperscale architecture is designed to support all industries with completely different requirements. Fine tuning security is both essential and vital when building a Cloud presence. Industry specific fine tuning has been applied to F-I-X. With isolation and containment built-in, there are no direct links to untrusted or public networks. Furthermore, Advanced Security Services add an extra level of security for organizations with strict cyber security policy & protocols including regular penetration testing or practice of Red Team methodology.


Through Managed Cloud & Security, the platform can scale while maintaining integrity. Additional Cloud Machines, Global Cloud PoPs and Managed VPNs are always available as expansion options to your instance of the platform. Also as an option, we can take care to perform Monitoring & Notification or even manage the full stack if preferred.

Secure Cloud Platform & Services designed for scale, managed by Fintech experts and fine tuned for the Trading Community